These memories will be forever,♡

These memories will be forever,♡

Choose the guy that

  • can make you happy.
  • talks to you 24/7 but gives you space when you need it.
  • sticks with you no matter what.
  • can make jokes with you.
  • can also be your best friend.
  • takes you to meet their parents, not their bed.
  • who constantly calls you beautiful when you are wearing sweats and with no make up on.
  • who reminds you how much you mean to them every night.
  • can make you wake up with a smile.
  • can love you just right.

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Maybe girls would be more confident in themselves if the guys they’re with actually make them feel beautiful instead of paying more attention to other girls & describing what they like about those girls. You’re checking out half-naked girls with tattoos or piercings, so your girl thinks you’d like them on her, so she goes out & gets some, then you get mad at her for doing it. Sometimes, she feels like no matter how hard she tries to please you, it’s just never good enough compared to other girls out there. & you wonder why she tells you “Maybe you should go find a girl like that instead”.

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